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1. - What are the bumpers made out of?
All of our VPR4x4 bumpers are CNC laser-cut from a single piece of high strength 3/16" plate steel, then precision brake-formed for an exact for years of resistance against corrosion and the ultimate bond between the parent metal and finish coating.
We take great pride and care in our production to ensure you are getting a high quality product craftsmanship to exceed the off-road enthusiast expectations.
We are not affiliated with any other manufacturer or bumper company.

2. - Do you powder coat or paint?
Our off-road, heavy-duty, and step bumpers come in a few different finishes to suit your exterior style. Our standard process is powder paint, we can paint in: black, raw silver and bronze.

3.- Do you chrome plate bumpers?
No, we do not chrome plate bumpers. We also recommend against it. Once a chrome-plated surface is scratched or chipped, the chrome will begin to flake off leaving you with deteriorated finished bumper.

4.- What about installation? 
Most of our heavy-duty and off-road truck bumpers simply bolt to existing holes on your frame, providing a rugged and strong connection to your vehicle. 
We include install instructions with all of our products, complete with photos and other technical notes. In addition, we try to provide any helpful tips that will make maintaining and modifying your vehicle easy and enjoyable.

5. - Will VPR4x4 products interchange between makes, models, or years?
No, our bumpers are designed to specifically fit one make, model, and generation.

6. - Does your JK products fit vehicles from 2007?

7. - Winch size compatible?
Most of our bumpers are compatible with up to a 12,000-lb winch. Some models can accept up to a 16,000-lb winch to ensure straight line pulling at the frame level. These planetary winches with a standard 10x4-1/2" bolt pattern will fit, with the exception of the following: High capacity (oversized). Please contact us.

8. - Can I tow with a heavy-duty bumper?
Many rear bumpers are designed to accept ball mounts or receiver tubes, allowing you to tow your trailer right off the bumper. Try out our hooks, they great performance and looks.

9. - Can I keep my factory hitch?
Yes. Our rear bumpers are designed to fit over the factory receiver hitch.

10. - Will I retain my factory back-up sensors with your rear bumper?
Yes. All of rear bumpers are compatible for factory back-up sensors.

11. - How do I add off-road lights to my off-road bumper?
Several of the bumpers we sell come equipped with mounting locations for off-road lights. Many of our customers also use led light bars or square led lights that we provide and can bring an ultimate look and performance for your vehicle. Check out these accessories in our website.

12. - Do you sell license plate frames as required in NJ, NY,and CA?
No. This product can be bought at or other off road websites. You will require drilling to install.

13.- Do your bumpers affect airbag functionality?
No, our bumpers do not affect the function of the airbags. These sensors are located in areas not interfering with the VPR bumper. We do compile with regulations from Australia y Canada too.

14.- Do you have dealers or do you sell direct?
Both. Give us a call we will quote you right off of the website, and let you know if any discounts are available. You can also find us at 
We do not have special prices if you buy two products. Dealers enquiries are welcome!

15.- How do I place an order?
We accept orders several ways:

Through our dealers.
Via our website online.
By phone or email.
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for further information.

16.- Do you ship internationally?
Yes. For International Shipments, it takes an average of 4-6 weeks, depending on final destination.

17- How do I return an item for warranty replacement or repair?
Please contact us and refer to the warranty conditions / refunds and return policy in our website.

18. - How do I apply for sponsorship?
If you are interested in a sponsorship support from VPR4x4, please send us an email briefly explaining your request.